17 June 2009

President Swats Fly. Dog bites Man. Bus Hits Car. Fire Burns House... (blah blah blah...)

I'm not sure what to make of today's news out of CNN. Well, that's not true. I know exactly what to make of it.

The headline tells it all: (President) Obama Kills a Fly. The video is posted here on Youtube.com. Go watch and then come back. (I'm not going to explain it, because you can watch it more effectively than I can dissect it.)

You're back? Okay, so what's next? How about...

President Opens Door for Wife, perhaps?
President Eats Dinner with Napkin, maybe?
Barack Obama Smiles at Senate Leaders. Or my favorite:
President Obama Interrupts Interview to Wash Hands.

The President is an intelligent, well-educated, well-spoken man. But I assume even he is laughing at the fawning of the media at this moment. He swats a fly and kills it in one swipe and THAT makes national news?

I bet he's dying to get that reporter on the basketball court right now. Imagine the news that would make.

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