27 September 2010

Update: Website

I've neglected you, haven't I? Badly. Repeatedly. And generally without apology.

Ahhhhhhh, but if you'd been where I've been and seen what I've seen, you'd know the future is....

That's bunk. I've been off working on getting a website launched. It's now days away. If you're on my facebook.com page, you know that I complain constantly about pirates (my nickname for the Indian website development team I hired), whine about lack of sleep and generally post at all hours.

You might have seen my friends list disappear. A link to another friend's fanpage go away. And the general ramble of someone who goes to bed at 1am after working with web developers, wakes up at 3am to check email and occasionally answer a few questions, then gets up at 6:30am to start working with them intensively until they log off for a full night's sleep at 1pm EST/11pm New Delhi time.

It's been interesting. I've learned how to motivate people from half a world away. (Cracking whips only works when dollar signs are attached.) I've learned how hard small business owners have to work. I've discovered untapped resources for teaching old dogs (myself) new tricks. And I've found out exactly how resourceful I can be.

I'm having a great time. The site will launch in just a few days now. I'm not sure how frequently I will make it back here after that. It's hard to spend 16-20 hours a day on computer and then write a fun, uplifting blog on people. Plus, I'm finding myself a bit of a shut-in. (That will change as soon as I decide what type of small portable device (compared to the 10 pound laptop and 15 pound backpack I currently use) would be best for me.

I hope you'll check out my website... which is found here. (Don't bother to click it until it turns bold and a color. I can't send you there until it launches. But I do promise, it will be interesting.)

So until I can clear more time to get back here with more to say, remember, everyone you meet has the potential because People Are Candy.