28 October 2012


I'm reading this in my bedroom, watching a newscast, eating an oatmeal cookie.  The reporter on TV just proclaimed, "This is the calm before the storm."  I'm sure he's correct.

Yes, I prepared.  I've stocked up on food and water.  I've gassed up the car.  Have a little extra cash so that when the ATM's and cash registers aren't taking credit cards, I'll be still be okay.

I vacuumed.  Weird, how some women's minds turn to cleanliness, but... well, mine did.  (Apparently it doesn't take hell freezing over.)  A farmer friend gave me some great supplies from his fields; I stored them as best I could.  Dried some.

I've done my laundry.  Washed my dishes.  Stuffed my freezer with bottles of ice.  I have three flashlights; kitchen, bathroom and nightstand.  Lots and lots of batteries, too.

There is no doubt the power will go out.  I expect to wake up to darkness.  I'm betting power will already be off.  I have spare cellphone clocks that can be counted on to wake me up.  My toothbrush is charged.

They said I should unplug the appliances.  I'm not sure what that's about.  The neighbors taped their windows.  Another neighbor and his wife and I were discussing whether we really think that will help. I guess we decided it doesn't because none of us did.

A friend's husband told me he worries about me; I live at ground level.  That's true, I do.  But... I also live on ground level at the top of a hill.  On the other side of the interstate and down at the bottom of a couple of other hills... that's where the Potomac River is.   I could see it going down I-395 before it made it here.

So I'm feeling pretty good about this.  I have to go to work tomorrow.  I'm guessing I'll hop in the car, take 3-4 peanut butter sandwiches, a blanket and pillow and my hurricane gear (thanks ABC News!) and go to work in the afternoon.  I can't see showing up early, since I may not make it home in the evening.

I won't be checking in here but email will get through.  The cellphone should work for the first few days.  Power will definitely be out for several days, if not a full week.

About the only thing I haven't been able to find a work around on is... if you're looking for me on the street, I'll be the one having a very bad hair day.

Post-Sandy Update: the Super-Storm came through Washington.  Yawn.