18 June 2009

100th Blog Post Anniversary

This is my 100th post. I started at a time when journalism was changing, politics were in transition, and watching pop culture to be honest, was making me a little ill. The pendulum seems to be swinging more than anyone could have predicted.

I am certain journalism will never be what it was, nor should it be. But it will evolve into something useful. And those whose voices are strong will still be heard.

But as I looked around the online universe today and saw one more "long-time TV personality leaving his position to reinvent himself," it seems obvious things are changing. That statement no longer is cover for firing someone. It's more like the sad excuse of offering someone so little money that they can only hope they'll find something better by leaving.

I guess that's what all of us hope for: something better. Starting a little roadtrip this morning. Catch you on the other end.

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