06 July 2009

A Seaside Interlude....

As you know, watching celebs drop like flies and fly-dropping politicians can be very wearing on my psyche. To alleviate my soul's angst, I hired on as a personal photographer and sherpa for a young family vacationing along the central California coast. Their intrepid Leader, seen below, is small of stature, but quite decisive about the group's travels.

She paced thoughtfully in the picture above.

Our journey took us to San Simeon to visit a Castle set amid the hills high above.

It seemed a setting that befit our Great but Physically Dimunitive Leader, who liked it mightily. The pool provided a distraction that pleased most of our eyes. But to our Leader, it seemed but a mere moment before she saw that this all was but a wisp of cloud before her eyes.

The pool is 9 feet deep in some areas, laid with white marble and surrounded by artifacts of a bygone age. Sadly, it remains unfinished.

But lo! Do not worry; our dear Enlightened One began offering suggestions on how to improve the beauty and elegance of the furnishings.

So taken up with those changes was she, that we could not entice her to turn towards our camera. Try as we might, we could not dissuade The Leader to embrace the mundane... to turn and be photographed. "NO!" she asserted. "I don't want to!" The Great Ones are all about serving others. And we marched on, assured She was intently looking after our best interests.

Next we rose to even higher heights: the Celestial Room.

Surely this would be the right place to bring our little earthly Goddess of Goodness and Light! So full of bright airiness was this room that we knew it was the perfect setting for our Marvelous One to lay her precious head.
Strangely, the Castle's owners did not see it that way. And we ascended to the garden where more earthly delights were found.

It was here I began to carry our Great One, in order that her hands need not touch and "bless" the surroundings by their presence. We also visited the beach, where the Great One pondered sand in her sandals and considered the tides.
Ahhhhhh, the ebb and flow of it all. So meaningful, so endless. It is almost too great to consider.
But here our Great Leader clearly knows her importantance. I was fortunate to carry her to meet some of the smaller the minions of the sea under her dominion: a starfish and anemones.

Oh, how often has man turned the sea to understand their own insignificance in the Universe.
Our Great One knows her place in the Universe. Along with every one else's place, too, at times, it seems. She is always thoughtful and considerate in telling us where we should best stand for the benefit of all and provides guidance along the way.

Such considerate help and assistance is always appreciated by lesser beings such as ourselves. Who would not appreciate the condescension and thoughtful assistance in answering all of life's questions such as "May I have one of your M&M's, Great Leader?" "NO!" "Could I possibly try one of your many green jelly belly candies?" "Yes, you can have ONE." "Would you like a waffle for breakfast this morning?" "I want an egg!"
Ahhhh, such insights our Precious Leader imparts.

Is it any wonder that the very tides of the sea seem to cling to the shore, hoping to be closer to our Great Leader, gracious and kind in her condescension as she is. Let us all hope to share in Her Light for years and blessed decades to come.

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Jen said...

Bahahahaha. Love this post. I am the personal servant of her greatness, and bask in her glory. She is dead set that everyone is getting married, and they are going to Hearst Castle to do it.