20 July 2009

Polls and Presidents

Polls are slipping... just a little.
The Washington Post headline suggests that the love affair of the public with President Barack Obama is perhaps waning, its ardency now being checked by the clear reality that yes, times are tough. The ABC News/Washington Post poll shows President's approval rating is the lowest it has been since election and sliding badly on economic issues.
Yes, it IS the economy, stupid. Anybody who didn't get that one before the election is by now in clear receipt of the news. Jobs are down, productivity is down, and morale is even lower. The buck stops here and just because his election already made history doesn't mean he won't make history again... as a failure.
Rush Limbaugh said he was hoping Obama fails, but I can not. How any American could wish failure on a sitting president, knowing that such would take the entire country down it? The politic-playing has to end somewhere and when the object being toyed with is our country's future, it seems some go to far.
But as a member of the media, I can admit the ongoing suck-up been a little tough to watch. The first few months of the Obama Administration, with very few words of criticism voiced by the national media, reminded me of the months after the 9/11 attacks. It was unheard of, and considered almost un-American to criticize the government, the President, or the war on terror.
It's a tough time, sure enough. I'm sure that the Obama Administration will weather the storm as presidencies have in the past. We elected him. He told us it wasn't going to be easy to get out of our financial morass. One can only assume that he knew it wasn't going to be easy for him, either.
Leading is more than holding frequent news conferences, Mr. Obama. It's getting down in the trenches where mud is almost always flying.

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