06 August 2009

Read Me! Please Read Me!

Thank you for reading my blog. I know now there are lots of blogs out there that no one reads except for the writer. And maybe their mother. As far as we know, my mother doesn't read my blog. She's certainly never mentioned it. And you know, I'm okay with that.
Apparently George Sodini didn't have readers. He's the gunman who killed three women in a Pittsburgh fitness gym. Law authorities are now discovering that he had a blog which detailed his deep unhappiness with his personal life.
That's right; he was unhappy about not gettin' any.
George Sodini wanted to have a girlfriend, but 9 months ago was so unhappy that he bought a gun and headed for the gym to work out his "exit strategy" from misery. He was going to avenge himself that night, but he chickened out.
At this point, let me just say in defense of women who turned him down that maybe... just maybe all this unhappiness wasn't so attractive? He's not a bad looking fellow, so clearly it wasn't that he was so physically repulsive that it drove women away screaming and shrieking. Maybe his mental illness (because to be honest, he must have been mentally ill to do what he did) leached out of him like a pimple before it pops. It ain't pretty. It wasn't attractive.
But back to this blog. Nobody read it. Or if they did, they didn't have the sense to call him out on it. Or talk to the right authorities (the ones that would take it seriously) and stop the man.
I always say that I don't expect anyone to read this blog. I always assume it's my own little writing exercise and I tell anyone that I think may read it that there is no test afterward. It's just my little personal writing exercise and outlet. That explains a lot, doesn't it?
But listen, if you ever see me blowing off steam such that you think I'm going to hurt someone, please report it, huh? So far, all you've found out is that I might go crazy and buy used bathroom scales in bulk, or perhaps take a fire hose to someone from the Water Department.

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