31 July 2008

A Tale of Two Videos

I want to point you toward a couple of videos today. Here's the latest advertisement by the John McCain campaign. It's not for McCain as much as it is against Barack Obama.


The conventions are still ahead and they're already bringing out the guns. Bombs. Howitzers. But the McCain campaign isn't alone in the war zone. This next video is from Progressive Accountability and surprise! It features one of the same big names.


I want to point out that last night, I watched a network newscast that skewered John McCain for his advertisement, attacking Obama. (To be clear, the report didn't particularly dispute the negatives for Obama, ie global celebrity status, arugula-consuming, autograph signing style. It did Obama no favors.)

But since I know for a fact that the network I was watching had received a news release spotlighting the Progressive Accountability online video posting, I was surprised that it didn't get mentioned. At all.

I'm sure the networks would offer an explanation such as "well, one was an advertisement. The other was just a group posting an online video."

But this is not the 1980's. Nor even the 1990's. This is Campaign 2008, where many Americans get their information online and the term "viral video" is one that makes advertisers and campaigners salivate.

I'm seriously puzzling over this one today. I don't like the obvious answer that many would offer. So maybe you have an answer?

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