30 July 2008

"Why Don't They All Just Move?"

Fires. Earthquakes. Fires. Mudslides. White-Hot actors driving drunk. Paris Hilton. South L.A. Fires. More fires. Killer bees. Killer real estate prices. Why don't Californians leave? Why don't we just move somewhere more safe, stable, and affordable?

Someone asked me that a couple of years ago. At the time, I said "When you live in California, you accept the fact that at some point, something bad is going to happen." And that's very true.

So the earth shook for about 20 seconds on Tuesday. It was interesting. Apparently, my "immortality complex" is still working overtime. All I did was walk to the phone and call my favorite network employers who kindly offered to take me in for a lucrative day. Or two.

What can I say? Some of us are meant to shake. Others to shakedown. Have a great day!


Jen said...

Never a dull moment in the Soviet Socialist Republic of California, eh?

Marti said...

Hey now....