26 January 2009

This... or That?

Taken from a well-known online message board game:
Go to work... or workout?
Chocolate chip... or oatmeal raisin?
Lose your eyesight... or see online photographs of Madonna in lingerie at age 50?
Spaghetti... or lasagna?
Pepperoni... or sausage?
Bourne... or Bond?
Hugh Jackman... or Brad Pitt?
Angelina... or Jennifer?
Show up to stand trial for offering to sell a high ranking federal office for the most advantageous combination of money, influence, and jobs for the spouse... or make the rounds of morning talk shows claiming it's all a conspiracy to quash your fight for the rights of the people of Illinois?
That last one kinda makes you scratch your head, doesn't it? But it does make things a lot more amusing. And what the heck... he's a handsome posterboy for the taxpayers of The Prairie State. Their proudest moment, no doubt.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Lasagne would definitely make a better governor than Blagojevich.