25 January 2009

Approval Ratings?

Let's all take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.
And now let's note that Gallup Pollsters have taken our temperature nationally and after three business days in office, two-thirds of the American people approve the job that Mr. Obama is doing.
That's right. THREE DAYS.
This reminds me of someone who was newly divorced and um, perhaps a little needy told me that his best friend had gotten married one month after his divorce "and they're still really happy and totally in love."
And how long have they been married, I asked?
"A month!" he said, perhaps a little too breathlessly.
I think I giggled at that point. (Do you see the problem my male friends have with me?) A whole entire month? Was that a full 31 days? A shortened 30 day month? Or are we maybe talking about February?

Relax. He's got four years. Keep breathing.

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Jen said...

My name is Rowena, and I approve of this post.