19 May 2009

Pop Culture/Pot Culture

I nominate craiglist.com as the new barometer of our culture. Looking through its pages, you can find garage sales, make new friends and hire sexual favors. But this isn't about that old story. I want to look to craigslist for its ability to highlight cultural trends.
As an example, I was looking through the Los Angeles craigslist.com site under employment ads. I clicked on "TV / Film / Video." This section is usually primed for actors and those seeking immediate fame, so every once in a while, there's an interesting advertisement there. This caught my eye today:

Cannabis Dispensary hiring COOL PEOPLE
Yeppers. You, too, can get a job selling pot in Los Angeles. Well, specifically Van Nuys. But there are now some areas of Los Angeles where the "cannabis dispensaries" are popping up like magic mushrooms on a decaying in. The advertiser said the ad was posted in three craigslist categories: Food & Beverage because this group is all about being warm and friendly with no attitude; Customer Service because those folks like working with people; and TV/Film because well, these are good looking people who are frequently out of work. We are to believe then, that these are also the defining characteristics of "cool."
As far as the craigslist.com posting, it's truth in advertising, I guess. Since pot for medicinal use is legal here in La-La Land and there are apparently so many terribly sick people in need of its medicinal properties, they must hire a lot of staffers. Here's what you need to qualify:
In order to work at the Dispensary, you have to be a resident of California, with valid Identification and we cannot have any out-of-state ID cards. A DMV printout will do with another photo ID, just as long as we know you're awaiting your California ID in the mail. Also, a new rule that we have to enforce is that all applicants be OVER 21 YEARS OLD (please do not respond if you are not 21, we just can't, sorry). Training will be provided.
This might be fun, huh? Oh, and if you decide to apply, please keep in mind the employer is expecting a HUGE amount of responses, so be cool and feel free to send fun photos or tell jokes in your application letter. It is afterall, an advertisement on craigslist.com.

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Jen said...

Excellent. Now I know what sort of job to look for once all of my kids are in school. I am so totally over 21!