15 February 2010

Distractions: Skimming the Country

Can you define a geographic region by its milk consumption? I like this cow. I spotted him on a heritage breed dairy farm website and thought he was cute. Growing up on a farm, I always liked cows and calves.
Of course, I never had to milk them.

Washington, DC, as you may know, is still locked in snow. Focus on the cute baby cow, please! No need for pictures of the dreaded white. Keep your eyes on the cow! Yes, my car is still surrounded by drifted snow that is 30 inches deep, exactly as it has been for the past ten days.
And that was before it started. Again. Today.
So I ducked out of the house for a few more supplies. ("Stocking up" covered the first two weeks, but fresh bread and a couple of other things made the trip necessary.) Once inside the grocery store, I got a little surprise. The shelf for skim milk was empty. "All gone." I got to wondering, can you tell what area of the country you are in by the milk they're drinking?
In my home state of Utah, they like Vitamin D milk. Lots of kids there. Vitamin D for extra healthy bones and no need to skim the fat for growing, active children.

In Tennessee, they liked chocolate milk. Lots of sugar. Heavy chocolate. Heavy sugar. Heavy cream. Glug-glug-pudge.
To be completely honest, I believe what Southerners really want would be deep fried milk with "lil pat" of butter on the side. (Look at the look on this one's little face. Is he perhaps one named "Veal Chop?")

In Southern California, I remember seeing a TV commercial that showed a crowd of people excitedly running into the grocery store.

The big draw? A new brand of soy milk.

The funny thing was, it actually seemed completely plausible. It is accurate.

And here in Washington, where we hear about every study, survey, research project, prediction, projection or changes in fur on the back of water-bound rodents that eat only odd numbered insects flying at night could be somehow wildly extrapolated to mean something in terms of human health, we drink skim.

Can happiness be derived from milk without any fat? It's like life without luxury, isn't it? Sorta says something about us, don't you agree?

As for me? I wanted the skim, but seeing none, I forced myself to buy 2% and walked home feeling udderly flush!

(Venturing into pseudo-psychology and pop culture today. People Candy resumes as soon as everyday life regains normalcy in Washington. "This, too, shall pass!" Thank heavens.)


Jen said...
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Jen said...

PS, did I tell you your Walter Cronkite picture won us a game point on NY Eve this year? Alex just said, "Would I stay late to interview this person? WOULD I?" And I knew right away.

Marti said...
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Marti said...


Marti said...

(Thieving Blogger loves you, Jennifer!)

Cocina Savant said...

Interesting hypothesis. I have drank it all depending on what phase of life- the 2% and vitamin D are best. You should pat yourself on the back.

Food Gal said...

Deep fried milk! Too funny. I bet Paula Deen has a recipe for that. ;)

Tigger said...

Very interesting milk thoughts. I agree about deep-fried milk in the south. If they eat deep-fried butter, they would definitely love deep-fried milk.

El said...

This is a very humorous commentary. Yes, I think the Northeast is all about skim and 2%. Those cows are adorable by the way.

Marti said...


Thanks El! Now... about those palmiers! ;)

Anonymous said...

Skim all the way. Always skim :) Nice post!