12 January 2010

Support Your Local Candy Drive!

Today, I thought we'd go on a field trip. You remember those, right? Where you take a piece of paper home to get it signed, load into a smelly, cramped bus with your specially packed (moldy) sack lunch, sit with all your grimy little friends and on arrival, ruminate in place for another half an hour while the teachers figure out that yes, indeed, in order to enjoy the Zoo, you have to actually get out and walk around in the Zoo.
We'll skip all that. We're grown-ups and we're in charge.
Instead, I thought we'd take a little trip down Memory Lane with Vita-Mix. Okay, not really, but when you hear the name Vita-Mix, don't you think of this:
Ha! Thought so. It's a happy memory, isn't it? One of the most beloved comediennes of all time, Lucille Ball in one of her most famous comic sketches: VitaMeataVegimen.
Why do I bring this up? Because today, we're going to do something nice for someone. We're going to be supportive friends and now click on a link on the website for Vita-Mix.
Be a good sport and do it now.
Do you see that video? It belongs to this woman:

This is Brooke MacLay, who if you've been hanging around here for a bit, you may already know from her blog. Together, we had a quite little literary adventure with Jan Karon awhile back. It thrilled our aspiring wanna-be writer-hearts on both sides of the Mississippi. (That Jan Karon connection just keeps giving. And giving. And giving!)

You may not know it, but I've done a lot of things in my television career. However, I do not dress up in costumes and adopt fanciful character acting, as Brooke does frequently for her blog. And I haven't let people into my private life the way she has. I admire that, er, while not wishing for the level and number of stalkers that would encourage.
I think we ought to be supportive here. It'll only take you a few seconds to sign up. I would hope by now you've gotten an email address for "sign-ups and other Internet business" that you can easily use. (Otherwise, get ready for an onslaught of SPAM with an aftertaste of "Vita.")
Seriously, can you turn this face down?

And as Brooke herself would say, if'n I let her talk on my blog...
"Be a dear. Click over, sign up, sign in and click on the FIFTH STAR. Smooches!"
(FYI: Voting is simple. Go the page. See the row of rating "stars?" Click on the fifth one. You're done. Thanks!)


Tigger said...

Thanks for the Vita Mix recipe! I have a Vita Mix and those recipes looked easy and yummy!

蘋果的 said...


Marti said...

(For those of you who don't speak or read Chinese, google translation advises me that the above posted comment means:

"Hard to forget, I really look forward to a new article was published!"

What about that, Brooke? :)

Tigger said...

By the way, I LOVED the Lucille Ball Vitameatavegamin skit. I was rolling with laughter!

Marti said...

Of course, you would! There are elements of "Lucy" about you, Tigs! :)