03 January 2010

People Are Candy: Church-Ladies Are Us!

To start off the year, I thought we'd go with something simple. Pure people candy, discernable on sight. Here it is:

I'm hoping the People Are Candy of this is immediately accessible to all. It's a picture that I took last winter, outside the church I attend in Alexandria, Virginia. As I was leaving after the meetings, I saw the couple standing outside, posing for pictures and I couldn't resist. I stopped to stealthily snap one just for you.

I have, uh, changed a few things about the photo. To "protect the innocent," I've switched in my face as well as a photoshopped headshop of Brad Pitt. He's in the public domain and the actual people in this photo are not.

At first glance, it's a darned fun photo, isn't it? But I want you to think about it.

The woman who actually owns this dress, I'm guessing, is loved. She's very, very loved. She's loved by the wonderful beloved friend who made this dress for her.

Because someone has to make this dress for you. It doesn't just happen. This is not a dress that you can buy "off the rack." Someone has to love you, know your height and sizes and have faith that they know your taste. They have to care deeply enough to go out to the store, pick out the materials, choose the colors, buy the stuff, cut it out, sew the whole shebang together and generally, do the work to make this "dream outfit" become reality.

And then you have to love them enough to wear it. It's a leap of faith on both sides.

And don't Brad and I look thrilled to be out together?


CarrieAnne said...

I'd wear it..in hot pink and black, or red and black, if I got to stand next to Brad Pitt. I'd wear it in THAT color if I got to stand next to Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

Marti said...

Now see, that's the difference between you and me, CA.

Apparently, I would wear in peach. :D