07 November 2009

I Dreamt that I Was Married to Tom Cruise...

And somehow it wasn't a nightmare.
Disclaimer: Since this is not now, nor has it ever been one of my aspirations, we will consider it a product of an odd bite of turkey sandwich in the waning hours before I turned in for the night.
I don't recall worrying about his film career. I was looking forward to getting to know Suri, because she looks like a dear child and Katie Holmes seems like she'd be an excellent mother; one who would raise a sweet little girl. (Although I do remember wondering if I could get Siri's little cast-off designer duds which, according an online "news" service, cost an estimated $2 million dollars annually. I planned to start an ebay.com store and sell them. Then I'd use the money to pay for enough H1N1 vaccine to immunize at least one developing nation.)
Tom, himself, seemed intelligent and well-focused on his acting.
I do recall thinking he was very, very short.
And I don't remember at all thinking about the "hmmm, he believes our progenitors were aliens" bit. Interestingly, that didn't cross my mind at all.
He just seemed a tad better looking (which I was nicely detached about) than most men that I've kept company with recently. And a lot more well thought out.

Dreams are odd things, aren't they? And this one had no couch-jumping involved whatsoever.

PS: please do feel free to comment with your own odd dreams or perhaps insight you might have about my "Tom Cruise as husband" subconscious babblery.


Jen said...

When I was a teenager I had a fake cell phone (I was a teen before the ubiquitous teen cell phone), and I used to talk to "Tom" on it all the time. That was until I realized he's not taller than I am, and my crush faded. Alas.

Marti said...

I'm sorry, pray tell, how tall is your beloved in comparison to your own lovely self? *smirk

Dirtius Wifius said...

I believe Tom is like 5'6". And I think Katie is like 5'10" or something like that. I guess he could be 5'7" or 5'8" but she's significantly taller than him too. Especially since all women in Hollywood wear heels.