01 February 2011

Egypt Bows in Prayer

Did you see this one? I was tossing through the NYTimes.com's photo spread on Egypt as a break from my other chores and I saw this:
This is Tahrir Square in Cairo as the crowd bowed for prayer on Tuesday. I was impressed because of the uniformity of their faith. You don't see any dissent or unbelievers. Everyone is down on the ground. Everyone.

And also, this photo reminds me of the time period prior to when the USSR fell and became the various new countries that it is now. Specifically, it brought to mind a song by Sting, in which he said "I hope the Russians love their children, too."

It's hard for us to relate to Muslims sometimes. It's hard for Americans to understand why they are so angry. Why some small segments are take such hostile actions, adopt harsh positions and generally act destructively.

But in this picture, you can see so much evidence of their sincere humility before their God. Isn't that what many in this country aspire to? Shouldn't we be happy that they love God, hold their children close and want a better life for them, too?

This is only one picture of the events in Egypt that are offered on the Internet right now. If you find more and better, please share them.

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