21 February 2009

"But I Used to Be..."

Did you ever hear the one about a spouse who went to the partner's company party, shot their mouth off, embarrassed the spouse, and that spouse was never promoted and finally left the company in disgrace?
How about the better half who refused to leave the party, kept going on and on about their spouse's contributions to the company, how great they were, how that spouse should be promoted above everyone else?
And then there was the one who told waited until the spouse was away on a business trip before running their mouth off, telling the company leader what he should be doing, and demanding that the leader follow their rules instead of the leader's own instincts and policies?
It's interesting when the shoe is on the other foot and its no longer a high heel but a wingtip. Someone needs to tell him to leave the stage gracefully. It's someone else's turn.

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