20 February 2009

25 Not-So Random Observations

Let's play a little game like they do on facebook, rather like 25 Random Things about Me, but not.
Instead, let's go for 25 Things We Can Observe about Michelle Obama, in the first 100 days in office.
1)She likes color.
2) She likes bling.
3) She's not afraid of J's Crew or probably even their henchman in the Old Navy.
4) She wears the color purple. She wears it well.
5) She likes her gloves to match her outfit.
6) She doesn't do "matchy-match." She just ball-parks it on colors.
7) Big colors are in, in her closet.
8) She doesn't have "old lady arms"... yet.
9) She may have partylines, but no sign of pantylines... yet.
10) Her daughters rooms are organized and their toys put away.
11) Likes her some lipliner. Likes her some shiny gloss.
12) Likes big fluffy fake ones... on her eyes, that is. Eyelashes. (Geez, what did you think I was referring to???)
13) Thinks a belt hides a multitude of sins. Uh-oh!
14) Didn't shiver for a moment, visibly, at the Inauguration.
15) Already has an "effect" that is hitting the NY Fashion week. (Did you see the squeeze at Jason Wu's?)
16) Likes to "accentuate the positive" and knows the First Husband thinks booty is a gimme.
17) Wears sensible shoes. Sorta.
18) Dresses like a girl. Really.
19) Has better hair than Laura, Hillary, or Barbara. Combined.
20) Ought to skip the ruffles. Every time.
21) Doesn't have a stylist... yet. Ought to hire one. It'll give her someone to blame because she will want to blame someone... sometime. Plus it'll make all the other celebs feel more comfy.
22) Doesn't do the mini. Thank the Lord.
23) Very soon, faces the biggest question a First Lady of Color could ask herself: pantyhose or nude legs? Summer is right around the corner.
24) Got along well with Liz on The View. She could do it again. Not that she needs to, or anything.
25) Should NEVER do this to her hair again:

Hey! Don't laugh. You had your "awkward stage," too. And if hers was during her teenage years, then so much the better.

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