22 April 2011

Alongside All that Fur...

The visit to Utah went well. The fur coats kept arriving, removed from the hallway in front of my apartment by an obliging neighbor until I could return home to open the boxes and air out the furs. Many of them need copious amounts of air.

They are interesting furs. Some are exactly as described: thick, luxurious and pretty in a "formerly alive" sort of way. Not something I want to sit around and "pet," but they're attractive. One felt damp; it traveled from the UK, so perhaps it came by that naturally. One is yellow; not white, as advertised. Most are more than 20 years old (with one about 70, I believe... my mother was four when that fur came to be) and all are intriguing.

Now they've been joined by... a wedding dress. And not just any wedding dress, but... well, you take a look. Here it is:

If it were featured in a catalog, this is one possible description:
"This vintage candlelight white bridal gown is hand-made of yards and yards of the finest silk duppioni fabric with a fitted bodice and features a round neckline, mutton sleeves gathered to a fitted lower sleeve, set off by lace embroidered with seed pearls at the wrist. The view from the back sets off the bride's tiny waist with a full, multi-tiered bustle bedecked with handmade (from the same silk fabric) roses."

To put it more succinctly, it's ugly, out of style and even when it was in style, it just wouldn't do. It's also a size 6 (4?), so this description applies in more ways than one.

What's it doing in my closet? When I told "Mum" about the fur coats (which are reproducing in that closet and now number 11) she said she had a wedding dress to donate to my various projects. So I returned from Utah with a wedding dress, but no husband.

Mother tries so hard, but alas, that "Abra-ca-dabrah!" thing doesn't work. (Whew!)
But the dress has had a side effect. Just looking at it makes me happy, once again, that I am single.

(Editor's note: this dress was made by my mother, at the express and explicit direction of a bride who wore it, alas, to her "FIRST" wedding. Which says it all, don't you agree?)


Anonymous said...

Great story -- interesting how thinking about something's history makes you forgive it (or perhaps *judge* it) a little more. Was that your mom's actual wedding dress? I SO wish my mom had kept hers -- it was unconventional, but lovely (but also a size 4).

So now ... when do we get to see the rest of the furs, Grizzly Adams?

Marti said...

Ha! I would never dare diss my mother's dress like I just did this one. And actually, I thought hers was rather pretty: white velvet with sleeves that came to a "peak" across the top of her hand. She also (apparently) had a much better figure than the wearer of this dress, whose marriage, by the way, ended up in the same state as awaits this dress: torn to pieces and in shreds.

(And thanks! I forgot to note some important deets in the post)