18 March 2011

Best Gift... Ever

I just got what is possibly the best give one person can give another: a second chance.
Think about it. It's sometimes hard to get a first chance. To get a second? Really? Boggles the mind in today's culture, doesn't it?
I can't really explain much more about the chance I was given. It's a matter of discretion to the giver. I'm not embarrassed that I needed a second chance. (Probably ought to be, but I've been in media too long. I have little shame left.) To be honest, I was absolutely stunned at what I was given. I'm getting a second chance from someone who is a relative stranger. I'm stunned by the kindness and, considering that I'm hoping to form an ongoing professional relationship with this person, it speaks loads to me about how desirable involvement with such a person would be in my life.
I've always thought the best gifts were homemade, but sometimes, they can leave you speechless.


Tigger said...

I had not ever thought of that. What a wonderful, but sometimes difficult gift to give!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear it! I'm a true believer in second chances and have experienced the gift myself, even when I've felt completely undeserving. Now to remember I need to apply that concept to *others* as well...