16 May 2010

Dinner Included...

A fish eyeball.

It was not my intention to dine on fish parts when I went out, but that's how it ended up.
Here's how that happened.
I went to hangout with a friend who's been asking to get together with me for awhile. We went down to the Old Post Office in Washington, DC. We were hoping to go up in the elevator and catch the view. The weather's been just about perfect for the last couple of days. But unfortunately, we arrived just as the last load of elevator-view-watchers for the day was emptying out. No trip to the top for us.
So we walked around for a bit. Did a lot of people watching. And then he said he wanted to go get some dinner. He wanted to try Greek food. I'm generally pretty adventurous, right? (Barnacle-like mollusks peeled off bay rocks and directly into open mouth on Molokai, chicken feet in Hong Kong, fried frog in Cambodia, smoked goat, quail eggs and innumerable attempts at both Rocky Mountain oysters and dog.. ring any bells?) Except that Greek isn't adventurous; it's merely great food. Oh well.

I ordered the fish. The fish turned out to be bass, sauteed in 0live oil and served on a platter. When it arrived, the waiter asked if I wanted him to debone it. I declined. I said I could handle that. And I did just fine.
It was excellent fish and nicely done. Crispy on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside. I ate and ate and ate.
And then I turned the carcass over. A weird little quarter-inch white ball rolled to the side.
The fish's fried eyeball! I batted at it with my fork. ("Don't let a little respect for the dead stop you from playing with your food, Marti.") The eyeball itself seemed sort of dense. Maybe even solid as it rolled up and down the plate to my very great amusement.
"Look!" I said to my date, with joyful glee, "The fish's eyeball." (Fish eyeballs are always surefire fun. I've grossed out many a dining companion before by merely sticking a fork in! For those of you who arrived here from google, yes, they are also considered an Asian delicacy.)
"I dare you to eat that! I'll give you five bucks if you do!" my friend offered.
Okay, I am not this poor. But I've heard that fish eyeballs are an excellent source of Omega fatty acids and this one seemed fresh. It seemed firm. It did not seem mushy, gooey, squidgy or otherwise likely to explode in one's mouth. Eating it seemed sorta... doable.

So what do you think happened next? Before I could stop myself, that eyeball was balanced on my fork. I tossed it into my mouth and washed it down with a big gulp from my water glass.
It was done! Gone! Down the hatch!

"Five bucks, Sir. Give it up!" That's right, money AND the bragging rights for a very long time. The end.
PS: That's the fish's head on the end of the knife. Next adventure: amateur taxidermy?


Jen said...

I didn't know you had been to Molokai. Opihi isn't my favorite.

Marti said...
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Marti said...

Yes, I have and the Opihi was a little gritty, but crunchy-good. Made it interesting. (Shredded my nails getting those little muckers off the rocks.) Did you try the He-he-vi? (Where did you get the spellcheck on the first one, btw?) Those were the most beautiful little shells----after I ate the little thing inside. :P

CarrieAnne said...

I am proud of you! Not only do YOU have bragging rights, but I can now say that I have a friend who eats fish eyeballs!

Marti said...

The weird thing is, all of our mutual friends will know EXACTLY who you are talking about, regardless of whether they read this post or not. Ha!

Marti said...

By the way, I still have that FIVER in those jeans and I pull it out and brag to everyone I come in contact with. :)