24 April 2010

Nothing Compares 2 WHO?

One of the many amazing things about the Internet is how it is bringing together the world.
For instance, in the last month, I've swapped a couple of notes with Sinead O'Connor.
You remember her, right? She had several hits in the 1990's, including my personal favorite "Nothing Compares 2 U," which was a cover of a Prince song. Ahhhhhh! To this day, I love that song!

She had an interesting look about her. She often shaved her head down to mere fuzz, wore little or no makeup and yet somehow her eyes seemed very expressive and soulful as she sang.
It was all so perfect until she ripped a picture of the Pope in half on Saturday Night Live at the conclusion of her song. It didn't bother me, but it annoyed millions of Catholics and yes, I did wonder what the devil was up with that?
So when I saw recently that she had written a column for the Washington Post on the topic, I was interested to read it. You might find it insightful, too.
In reviewing her article, it seemed she explained in detail the historic setting and relationship of the Irish and the Catholic Church, the handing over of Irish children to trusted priets and all other details of why the Irish people are so particularly angry at the current Pope for his response to their anguish over child sexual abuse by pedophile priests.
I actually thought the Irish mother made the case extremely well. And I emailed her a note:
I read your op-ed piece in the Washington Post today. I thought it offered a lot of insight to the American people. Thank you for presenting it. I hope you don't get too many ugly, angry emails.

Imagine my surprise when she responded back:

Thanks Marti... Have had a hundred or so e mails but only one hateful... Which I wrote back nicely to... So... All's well. Thanks for writing. Sinead x

I've fired off missives at NYTimes.com writers, too. It's not too hard to do. They leave an email address. And if I'm moved by the writing, my fingers do the walking, er, talking in this case. Yet the kindness of a reply still surprises and pleases.
Remember the blogs and emails from Jan Karon & Co? Pure pleasure!
It is a small world, afterall.
Then there's the case of the blog comments. I'm starting to get them from Asia. For instance, this comment on the last entry:


If you speak Chinese, great. (No need to check. I never approved the "comment." This is a PG-rated blog.) If you don't, here's what Google Translator offered:
True love, is take care of your heart is.
True enough, but when you click on the picture of the sender.... YIKES! That's not LOVE! It's something else and is that even legal in China?
Good and bad in the whole "small world" concept, I guess.
But you might wish to try this yourself: get chummy on email with someone on a far continent. Might do us all a world of good!


Jen said...

Well that is a blast from the past.

I was getting those crazy Chinese comments a lot, too. I just deleted them as well. I was too afraid to click on the links.

Marti said...

Sinead still has quite a solid music career. She might not be the "top of the Teeny Bop" charts, but she's very talented.

I will use the translator device, but I don't fear anything... as long as I don't click on their link to see their, gulp, profile pictures.

Marti said...

..........speak of the Devil.

(Oh and by the way, the translation is: "Very heart of the blog, push, oh." So I'm going to say probably best NOT to click on our new Asian friend's link.)